I am a software developer living in Santa Barbara. I am interested in sound in its many forms. Specifically computer music, soundscape studies, audio signal processing, audio programming, web audio, and game audio.

Originally from Istanbul, I went to high school at Kabataş Erkek Lisesi, which is practically located on the Bosphorus itself. I graduated from Koç University with a degree in computer engineering. During my undergraduate studies, I had the chance to participate in an exchange program at Simon Fraser University in the beautiful city of Vancouver, B.C. After my exchange term there, and taking 2 courses at UCLA that summer, I decided to stay at SFU in order to pursue a degree in computing science with a minor in music. I have always been involved with music, having received training in classical guitar and music theory for years. At the time I had realized that I would have more opportunities to cultivate an interest at the intersection of computers and music at SFU, and in my time there I had the great pleasure of studying electroacoustic music, computer music, soundscape studies, new media art, and further my knowledge in music theory, learning from inspirational and generous teachers such as Barry Truax, Arne Eigenfeldt, Martin Gotfrit, Janet Danielson, and Tamara Smyth. After completing the coursework for an extended minor in music, I had to return back to Turkey in 2012 and I completed my degree at Koç. I worked at a speech technology company called SESTEK in Istanbul for 2 years, where my work was split between low-level C++ development and Android application development. I am currently undertaking graduate studies at UCSB Media Arts and Technology department, pursuing a Master of Science degree.

My other passion has always been games. We had computers at our home since as long as I can remember, and, with varying depth, computer games have always been a part of my life. Lately, rather predictably I suppose, I have developed an interest in game audio. Also, board games - which happened independently.